The Wonder of Clouds

Listed on June 21, 2013 in Blogs!

This morning I received an e-newsletter from the Cloud Appreciation Society HQ based here in Somerset. Amongst other things the newsletter was heralding a new smartphone app. As a lifelong member and cloud enthusiast I immediately downloaded it. I think it cost £1.68p via the iTunes website. I’ve now learnt that this is going to help NASA calibrate their satellites which are looking down on the world’s clouds. Apparently clouds are important in regulating global temperatures. Now on the face of it, this sounds like an April Fool prank but clouds over Ilminster today certain attest for the fact that we are enjoying below average temperatures for midsummer. Certainly there are a lot of clouds about and gale force winds promised for the weekend. Anyway, the app has been devised by our old friend Gavin Pretor-Pinney and there is a serious side to it all. Check it out via the CAS website or via the BBC You might think, only in Somerset…and you’d be right!