Chef Le Grande Food & Wine Workshops

Chef Le Grande Food & Wine Workshops

Come along to seek inspiration and new ideas from like-minded lovers of food and wine. Master how to prep like a professional to avoid last minute panic in the kitchen and to build confidence. Learn how to cook à la minute sauces, and the secrets of how present your food in the style of a professional chef.

Learn how to pair some of the most wonderful wines of France with your menus; what to look for when buying a wine that suits all tastes, and your dishes at the same time, and how to do all this without breaking the bank.

Courses cover the following:

  • How to present food like a professional chef
  • What you can prepare the day before
  • How to keep yourself tidy and organised in the kitchen
  • How to cope with disasters
  • When and how to use herbs and spices
  • How long to cook meat, fish and vegetables to perfection
  • How to design a dinner party menu with foods that complement one another in flavour, colour and texture
  • How to bring out the flavour in foods
  • Which wines to buy for your meal

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