The Last Post

Listed on February 28, 2015 in Blogs!

After 23 years, today is my last day as Director of Dillington House and yesterday my colleagues organised a splendid sending off. Current and former members of staff gathered together with Friends and Patrons and colleagues from elsewhere in Somerset County Council. There were speeches including a heartfelt one from Denise Borer, the Programme Manager. Thank you Denise. And then there were the embarrassingly generous gifts, cards and two ring files of e-mails from those who couldn’t make it. A big thank you to everyone. A lovely final e-mail came from my friend Valerie Singleton, who had managed to reverse her car into a ditch on the way to the bash. It just goes to show what dangers lurk down them country lanes! So it’s a goodbye from me. My last post so to speak. I have posted 178 entries on this blog since its inception in 2011 and I hope you have enjoyed its diversions and reflections. I’m now off to new adventures in learning, research, writing, teaching and exploring.