Serendipity Strikes

Listed on January 22, 2014 in Blogs!

This afternoon a regular Dillingtonite called in with an amazingly generous donation of Egyptology books for the library. A big thank you to her, although without an e-mail address, I think she might not be viewing this blog. I’ve written a thank you note in case. These gestures, events and expressions happen all of the time and, it seems to me, they demonstrate the depth of our relationship with the community and individuals in particular. Our success has become a shared endeavour, a shared enterprise. I like this sort of relationship and it is even more meaningful when there isn’t a computer doing the work. I am sure many of you reading this will be members of various organisations – some of them very big like the National Trust, the Tate, British Museum, Royal Academy and English Heritage. Technology allows them to track your every move (and that’s certainly the case with the supermarkets) but making it personal and the relationship authentic is difficult. At Dillington the scale allows for these difficulties to be overcome. So to our anonymous donor (well, not to me), well done and thank you. If anyone else wants act without prompt, please do.