2015 Begins…

Listed on January 1, 2015 in Blogs!

2014 ended in a cold bright calm, a beautiful coda to what seems a terrible year. Missing aircraft, misery and death in Gaza, savage atrocities in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. An then there is the Ebola tragedy and threat. I’m sure the list could be vastly expanded if I put my mind to it. Today, New Year’s Day 2015, is mild, overcast and damp, so what can we hope for? Well, I wish for some quiet resolution to the religiously inspired conflict that blights so much of the planet. That would be a start. Closer to home, we seem to be merging out of the economic gloom that has beset western society and so that creates an opportunity to rethink ways of doing things. The General Election will no doubt present startling surprises even though the Age of Austerity is promised to continue in our public services whoever holds the balance of power. At Dillington we’re anticipating continuing growth in our work. The all-important conference business will continue to recover and forward bookings give is confidence in that. Adult education course bookings are out-performing all other parts of the business demonstrating, if proof was needed, the desire of the public to engage in intelligent debate and enquiry – especially in a social and residential environment. Weddings too are doing well and where better than to get married than at Dillington with its amazing setting, beautiful gardens plus lots of accommodation. Oh yes, and the food is great too!

So as we embark on a new year, let us hope for a better year – wishful thinking so that may seem. Let’s be optimistic and positive. We may not be able to change the hatred in men’s hearts (and yes, it does seem to be the men who are doing the hating – or least the killing), nor the fate of terrible accidents or nature’s calamities, but we can be kind to each other and we each can make a difference in our own situations. Let’s make the best of 2015 whatever goes on in the world.