Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of subjects can I study ?

For a full list of topics visit our Index page – if you cannot see the subject you are looking for please contact us

  • How do I book a place on a course ?

You will need to contact the Course Provider or Organiser directly – no bookings can be made via

  • Where are courses held ?

At a number of locations – often in historic buildings in beautiful surroundings, while other providers use private accommodation, hotels and local amenities. All are run by experienced professionals and all provide an opportunity to escape the distractions of everyday life.

  • What can I learn ?

There is an enormous range of subjects on offer. A wide variety of creative arts and crafts are taught, computing and technology, music, literature, personal development, social studies and health and fitness.

  • What is special about a residential course ?

Courses are led by experienced tutors who will guide your learning at your own individual pace, whether you are trying something completely new or taking an existing skill to a new level. You will find yourself with like-minded people in a safe and comfortable environment where you can combine intensive learning with relaxed discussion ‘after hours’. New friendships and lifelong interests are often established on a residential course.

  • Do I need qualifications ?

No prior qualifications are required to enrol on a course. The published course information will indicate if a certain level of experience is needed, for example in painting, instrumental playing or digital photography. Courses can be found for all levels from beginners to advanced.

  • How do I join a course ?

Contact the course organiser for brochures or programme information directly. All contact details are provided on the website or view our Index of Course Providers. Each organiser will provide details on how to book according to their own terms and conditions.

Course Organisers – please see our guidelines on Listing with