Membership of the Friends of Alston Hall

Membership of the Friends of Alston Hall

Listed on April 12, 2014 in Blogs!

Being a member of the Friends of Alson Hall is so much more than just sitting back and receiving the newsletter which is issued 5 times a year!

Members obtain advance notice of the new bi-annual College Brochure containing details of the forthcoming 6 months’ courses … with a small window of exclusive opportunity to book on courses before they are released to the general public. Always a good idea for popular courses!

Members are offered a range of events organisaed by the Friends at preferential rates.

Members can contrinute to the running of the Friends of Alston Hall either by serving on the committee, volunteering to help at the College via Friends’ co-ordinated activities, offering to help in the background (or foreground!) at Friends events … and so forth.

The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March and is a bargain at only £8 per person – or £10 per join membership. Joint membership can be a couple at one address or two individuals who are happy to share information being sent to one of their two addresses. Of course, joint members can both benefit from the issue of electronic information.

The Friends of Alston Hall encourage members to offer up an email point of contact through which the Friends Committee can contact them, issue newsletters and so forth. This reduces administration costs for the Friends organisation and enables the Committee to quickly communicate with members where necessary.

To find out more or to join – visit or send an email to Alston Hall