Spring Has Sprung

Listed on March 25, 2015 in Blogs!

Dillington House Spring Garden

Spring has finally Sprung at Dillington this last weekend.  The daffodils are out and Stravinsky could be heard wafting across the site with Terry Barfoot and Bridgett Vane’s wonderful course on Stravinsky and the Ballet Russes.   In another part of Dillington, students were captivated by Wayne Bennett and Chris Pollard’s course on The Ancient Kingdom of Castille.  Head chef Cameron, got carried away with the Russian/Spanish influence and delicious dishes with quite unpronounceable names, were produced throughout the weekend to the delight of everyone staying.  After a hearty Sunday lunch Wayne and Chris flew off to Madrid with the study tour, to experience the real thing!

Meanwhile, those of us left behind, had the great pleasure of listening to a lecture by the acclaimed, award winning travel writer and novelist Colin Thubron (described by the Sunday Telegraph as “the greatest travel writer of his generation”).  Colin kept us enthralled for an hour with his wonderful stories of journeys through remote parts of Asia including communist Russia and China in the 1970s.  He described trying to eat a monstrous piece of meat, which had been presented to him by a tribesman in Turkmenistan, and finally having to throw it in a bush whilst no one was looking, after having lost a tooth in the process.  He then returned the favour and offered the said tribesman an English cheese cracker which the Turkmeni found equally inedible and with great disgust, threw it into the same bush!