Terms & Conditions

LeisureCourses.net Rights and Responsibilities

  1. The Terms and Conditions listed below refer to all levels of publicity (Listings) for Tutors, Course Providers / Venues (Contributors).
  2. LeisureCourses.net is entitled to make any changes to a Listing when considered necessary.
  3. All details including Name, Address, Telephone number, email, website will be published on each paid Listing.  Website links will be directly linked to the website of your choice.
  4. All content, artwork and alterations submitted by the Contributor must be approved by LeisureCourses.net prior to publication on the website.
  5. You acknowledge and accept that LeisureCourses.net may be be temporarily unavailable for short periods of time for repair, maintenance and upgrading and we cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability of the website.
  6. LeisureCourses.net is not responsible for the availability or accessibility of third party sites.
  7. LeisureCourses.net reserves the right not to promote a Contributor if they feel it does not meet the Advertising Standards Authority codes or is unacceptable for publication for any other reason.
  8. LeisureCourses.net reserves the right to edit or remove any listings at any time.
  9. LeisureCourses.net reserves the right to cancel the display of a Listing if payment is not received within 30 days of submission.
  10. LeisureCourses.net is not liable for any disruptions that may occur through circumstances beyond their control.
  11. If there is an error on the behalf of LeisureCourses.net regarding your Listing, you will be offered additional publicity on the website during which the error was uncorrected.
  12. The colour in your Listing may not match the colour(s) of any images provided.   The nature of screens and monitors means that the same colour can show up differently on two seemingly identical screens. This does not constitute as an error on our behalf.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

  1. All details and information provided by you must be accurate, legal, decent and truthful.
  2. Tutor Directory Listings must be in the name of the individual. Course Provider entries can be in the name of the individual or the business.
  3. The Contributor can make any changes to their Listing at any time. However, the Contributor must notify LeisureCourses.net for approval of the changes before becoming live on the LeisureCourses.net website.
  4. All businesses must be registered to work within their country of activity and be authorised to use a logo or name, including any permits, licences or regulatory consent that may be required.
  5. You agree not to transmit at any time, any unlawful, defamatory, abusive, pornographic, vulgar, harmful, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive material.
  6. You must notify us of any errors on your Listing or malfunctioning links.
  7. Your use of any personal data collected from visitors via LeisureCourses.net will comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.
  8. All payment is due prior to the date of publication of the Listing.
  9. You are entitled to advertise your business only.
  10. You use the LeisureCourses.net website at your own risk.
  11. The Contributor has the right to change their Listing details at any time and log-in details will be provided.
  12. LeisureCourses.net is not, under any circumstances, liable for any loss of profits, loss of business or business opportunities, loss of anticipated earnings, loss of goodwill or intangible losses.
  13. You are requested to pay the amount invoiced by LeisureCourses.net using one of the following payment methods:

* Secure Online (PayPal)
* By Bank Transfer (bank details provided on request).

Intellectual Property

Any design work carried out by LeisureCourses.net remains at all times the intellectual property of LeisureCourses.net. The invoicing and payment for the carrying out of such work should not be construed as the transfer of any copyright or intellectual property rights to such work. It is the responsibility of the course provider to ensure that the copyright on any photographs, graphics or logos associated with their listing is theirs, or that permission has been obtained from the copyright holder for the use of the materiel provided. All photographs, graphics and logos used on behalf of the course provider or venue for promotional purposes will remain the copyright of the contributor unless otherwise stated.


  1. You may cancel your order at any time by contacting the Customer Services team.
  2. Cancellations within 14 days of the date of order will be refunded 90% of the fee paid.    A 10% admin charge is retained.
  3. Cancellations after 14 days of the date of order are not entitled to a refund.