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Listed on September 30, 2013 in Blogs!

Medieval Bench End

Today we have the charismatic Todd Gray here doing a course on the medieval bench ends of Devon and Cornwall churches. In fact, we have 20 people attending this pretty esoteric course. Who would have thought that? As some of you will know, Dr Gray is an historian at Exeter University and a prolific writer. He also owns his own publishing company and tells us that he sells more books about Devon when outside of Devon than he does within the county. He does particularly well when he visits Dillington. So armed with that information he often contacts booksellers outside of Devon and is told that people in Dorset, for example, are not interested in buying books on Devon. Booksellers even suggest that they should travel to Devon if they want to buy a book about Devon. How parochial is that? Anyway, this parable about book selling just goes to show that you cannot always get things right. I remember being very sceptical about running a course on Jihad thinking that people would not want to part with their cash to spend time hearing and discussing holy war. How wrong was I? It was a complete sell out. Oh yes, as was the concert earlier this year featuring chamber works by Prokofiev and Shostakovich!