The Christmas Message

Listed on December 24, 2013 in Blogs!

Christmas Eve is upon us and I have been up the top of the Christmas tree to replace the batteries on the star. Next year we’ll have one run on mains electric! We’ve just cleared about two tons of mud from across the front of the Mews and I hope that the clear-up job is enough to prevent the mess from carrying indoors. The storm which has just passed is now up north but it has created travel disruption everywhere. The A303 (the Highway to the Sun) is closed in two places and the trains are delayed everywhere. Fingers crossed all of this won’t prevent people from arriving here too late. All in all a fine start to Christmas! Looking on the bright side, Christmas is a moment when we can all reflect on the year past and think about the year ahead. 2013 has been a good year with signs that the economic situation is getting better. It has been over five years since the Lehman Brothers collapsed heralding the start of the global crisis. 2014 will not be the end of the difficulties but confidence in the future is half the battle it seems. Forward bookings across the business are looking much better than this time last year. But of course Christmas is not just about the financial story but about peace and goodwill to all. The religious impulse worldwide should be the source of hope but instead seems to be the root of great conflict and threat. Perhaps a renewed focus on social justice, equality and economic fairness ought to be the mission instead. It’s only when there is hope for all that peace with reign. Happy Christmas.