With December comes Christmas…

Listed on December 6, 2013 in Blogs!

We have just stumbled into December it seems but the weather has been largely dry and mild. Driving in I notice that many of the trees in the park still have their leaves although the couple of frosts have made most go a fabulous russet. That said, my large leaf lime at home is still in full leaf and green! It can’t last. What I do notice though are the dark mornings and the short afternoons. The shortest day is but a couple of weeks away and then we’ll start winter proper. I always feel that the winter solstice is the start of winter even though the days will thereafter start to lengthen.

At Dillington the Christmas tree went up on Monday evening and this weekend we have our Christmas House Party – not to be confused with Christmas at Dillington which has been fully booked for months. The House Party is a weekend for great conversation but with a load of interesting things to do as well. Tomorrow we will be off to visit somewhere extraordinary (I can’t tell you because it is a secret) and in the evening we will be entertained by the sonorous voices of The Glastonbury Male Voice Choir. On Sunday there will be three sessions in which we garlanded in Reithian values. I am told we will be educated, informed and entertained – in that order! Next week the Christmas lunches start so that by the time Christmas Day finally arrives I will be wanting fish.