Hurray, the new programme is out!

Listed on January 13, 2015 in Blogs!

The new programme is out and dropping onto door mats all over the country. I think most people know it is a work of considerable ingenuity – the programme not the postal service… or maybe both in fairness. The programme is a big jigsaw of courses and events that make sense in general and in detail. It is a piece of work of real enthusiasm and passion! At the heart of it are the summer schools in August. First the classical guitar with its attendant festival – music and musicians from all over the world. Then there is the Dillington Summer School – a miscellany of courses across a big range of subjects from Spanish language and culture, architectural history, Mediterranean culture and art history, cartography and British medieval history. For those of a practical disposition there is painting, silk painting, antique restoration and walking – three dramatic landscapes and two cities. Beyond August booking has opened for our string quartet weekend with The Coull Quartet, Scottish country dancing, harmony singing weekend and bobbin lacemaking. Details of these courses, and much more besides, can be found on the courses and events part of the website. If you want a hard copy of the programme then please contact Dillington and get yourself on the mailing list. The interesting thing about the programme is that you don’t have to take out a mortgage to attend. Many of the elements can be taken on a day basis and attendance on courses can be made on a non-residential basis. That latter option is clearly an option for local people who can slink off to their own beds after the day’s proceedings.