“In Bed with Adult Education”

“In Bed with Adult Education”

Listed on March 17, 2014 in ARCA

A sleep-over with colleagues working in residential adult education

Local Authority? Trust? Charity? Private? All Welcome. Please spread the word.

For many years members of the Adult Residential Colleges Association (ARCA) met twice a year to exchange ideas, share experiences and discuss how things were going. Although the association has ceased to be (following a unanimous decision by members last year at Madingley Hall) there was a real sense that getting together at least once a year should continue.

Knuston Hall is hosting the first get-together and this is to invite you to join the occasion. The agenda with be informal and flexible. Eamonn Flanagan (Knuston) and Wayne Bennett (Dillington) will guide proceedings gently and they will make sure best use is made of the time.

A couple of discussion themes will be presented and there will be time for colleagues to share thoughts and ideas collectively as well as time for the all important informal conversations too.

For former ARCA members (in membership during 2012-13) the cost will be £50+VAT* for the first attendee.

All other attendees will be £100+VAT. This covers the whole event…..… full board as you would expect! Great value, we are sure you’ll agree.

You can book your place(s) by telephoning Knuston on 01933 312104 or e-mail enquiries@knustonhall.org.uk

Please don’t delay in booking. It makes everyone’s life easier to know we have the foundations of a great get-together with colleagues from across the spectrum of residential course providers.

*A modest residual sum in the ARCA accounts was assigned to Knuston at the closing conference and some of this money was allocated to subsidising places for ex-ARCA members.

Any questions or further information required, please email eflanagan@northamptonshire.gov.uk