Best laid plans and all of that…

Listed on July 7, 2014 in Blogs!

The launch of any new Dillington programme is a big event which, like the start of the Tour de France, requires some nifty planning. As always, the Friends and Patrons get their programme first and that was the beginning of last week. Then we arrange for everyone else to get theirs courtesy of the Royal Mail via Second Class Mail. That posting should have happened today (Monday 7 July). Some bright spark in the mailing house we use thought of taking the programmes down to the Post Office on Friday in readiness for the big send-out. Then Royal Mail thought they’d rather see all of the boxes off and out of the way. The result was that some people got their programmes not on Wednesday this week (as planned) but on Saturday just past. Poor Denise, by herself in the office, was subsequently inundated by people booking via telephone. Dozens of bookings were taken. If you tried to get through but got the answerphone instead that was because of the premature posting. Our apologies but our best laid plans were thwarted by well-intentioned colleagues elsewhere.

Oh yes, and then there’s ‘Mr Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ who complained bitterly that he took ages to find the course he was interested in because there was no index to help in the task. Well I’ve said it many times that the real issue is the cost as well as the problem of category status. If you are only interested in one particular course or tutor then you can search on that using the website. That will give you the date and using that you can find the page in the printed programme. Not difficult at all, honestly. I hope all of you will find what you are looking for and that you’ll book on loads of courses and buy lots of tickets for our talks and concerts too.