Is price more important than value?

Listed on May 3, 2013 in Blogs!

During the course of a week an awful lot of things cross my desk including a fair amount of rubbish. That’s true of e-mails too. This week a corporate-style magazine entitled Conference News lay there awaiting my perusal. I quickly flicked through the pages until my attention was arrested by a short article extolling the virtues of value over price. In essence the piece was saying that it was a false economy to make decisions based entirely on price and that value was far more important. At Dillington we are always trying to find ways of adding value to the customer experience although this is sometimes quiet challenging when businesses and organisations themselves are under considerable financial pressure. Doing things cheaply in these circumstances may seem like a priority but it can be a mistake too and one is reminded of that old adage that you gets what you pay for.