Our New Programme is Published

Listed on July 3, 2013 in Blogs!

Monday saw the publication of our new courses and events programme. First to receive theirs were our Friends and Patrons whilst everyone else will get theirs early next week. As usual, it is a veritable feast of offerings across a wide range of subjects. Courses range from a day to a week in duration with many weekend courses scheduled across the year. There are also short talks and public lectures as well as a programme of top-drawer music.

Putting the programme together takes months with some intensive chasing and planning in the last few weeks leading up to the time it goes to the printers. Much of this work is undertaken by my colleague, Denise Borer, who is utterly brilliant at fitting everything in and in making judicious choices of what to put alongside what.  A bit like air traffic control the separation of complimentary subjects is difficult but collisions are thankfully a very rare occurrence.

Of course, the whole process is very creative and, despite the slog, actually quite exhilarating. I am really excited to hear about Quantum Theory by Professor Jim Al-Khalili and about the Mars ‘Curiosity’ mission from Professor Sanjeev Gupta of Imperial College, London. The eminent architect, Sir Jeremy Dixon, will be joining me on a course about the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden as well as doing a lecture about the work of architects more generally. If you’re not on our mailing list then do look at the website when on Monday the new programme goes live – so to speak. Alternatively, if you are really interested in getting a hard copy of the programme then do give us a ring or e-mail us with your details via the website.