From Small Acorns

Listed on June 18, 2013 in Blogs!

I’ve mentioned this sort of thing a few times. A few days ago we received an e-mail from someone keen to let us know that they’ve done something extraordinary. This time it was from a first time author who had written a book about his childhood in Sherborne. The bit that raised my eyebrow was the comment that attending courses at Dillington had fostered his confidence in education enough to see him go on to become a tutor in adult education. The inference is that the book would not have been written had not this self-confidence been found. It is a common story. Adult education is awash with stories of how people, undermined by the experience of school, were able to discover their self-belief and confidence through learning with others later on in life.

The book is by Colin Park and is entitled ‘The Boy from The Corner House’. It’s available only as an e-book from Amazon. This means it can only be downloaded onto your Kindle but costs less than £2.00. I’ve quickly read through it and it brilliantly captures the experiences of growing up in Sherborne during the fifties and sixties. For people who know Sherborne well, it is particularly vivid and a far cry from the different world we, and children, live in today.