Standing in the Electric Field of Genius

Listed on October 28, 2013 in Blogs!

Sunday evening witnessed an extraordinary event. For most of my life I have been used to experiencing great performances. Sutherland, Pavarotti, Kleiber, Solti etc, etc. Last night the Czech violinist, Leos Cepicky, gave a staggering account of two Bach Partitas and a Sonata which I will never forget. It was a flawless performance and something like standing in a field of electric current. Young people might call it awesome and so do I. Someone said it should have been videoed and put on YouTube as a record of something quite breathtaking. Rarely do you feel that you’re in the presence of something great but when you do, you know about it. Cepicky in his normal life is Head of Strings at the Prague Conservatory and First Violin of the Wihan String Quartet. His other life is as a solo violinist of rare distinction. If you weren’t at Dillington on Sunday evening then unfortunately you missed it but you can get a flavour of this musical genius on CD – Multisonic 31 0487-2. I honestly sensed we were in the presence of greatness – Bach and Cepicky both.