Technical Fun at Dillington!

Listed on August 15, 2013 in Blogs!

We are in Week Two of the Dillington Summer School and, someway back along, I decided to teach two courses one on new technology and the other on the history of twentieth century art. The combination is utter mad or at least not good for my state of mind. That said, the new technology class is terrific (even though I do say so myself) as the group are coming up with some great questions and technical challenges – most of which could not have been anticipated. Of course, this is a huge subject, just like twentieth century art, and the range of knowledge needed just to become vaguely competent is staggering. No wonder most of us stagger about making it up as we go along. Anyway, the purpose of this blog entry is to let you know that nothing is beyond the reach of a Dillington programme and these few words were typed to illustrate how to post a blog using the WordPress template that lies behind the facade.