Think Different

Listed on March 19, 2014 in Blogs!

Apple Think Different Logo

Think Different was the enigmatic strapline used by Apple computers some years ago.  Adverts just carried the words with the Apple logo displayed somewhere else on the page.  It was a daring and ingenious campaign which actually made you think albeit momentarily but that was enough.  Unlike many other adverts, this one caught your attention.  Recently we held an interior design course in which the main theme was the use of colour.  It was called Fifty Shades of Beige – an obvious pun on the title of the bestselling novel.  Its theme was to give confidence in the use of colour so much so that you could bravely work with colour and give your home some real personality.  Beige (or its relative, the eponymous magnolia) was assigned to the ‘world of boring’ and colour to one of expressiveness and passion. At Dillington, of course, we work authentically to find the proper expression in our aspects of work.  The place celebrates the contemporary and traditional in both art and architecture and our business is vibrant across a range of disparate activities.  In truth, there is never a dull moment.  Compared with the awful ordinariness of some country house hotels we are proudly ‘unchintzed’ and individual.  We have no affectations or pretensions but we have personality in spades.  Homogenised we are not. Like Apple we are different because we think different and for that we get both brickbats and plaudits.