Tweeting Across Continents

Listed on April 7, 2014 in Blogs!

We keep hearing about the world of social media and old dogs like me keep fretting as to whether this is really something to take seriously. Is this the new marketing reality? Is this how ideas are spreading? Well, the answer seems to be yes… at least for some people. We’ve been embracing social media – specifically Facebook and Twitter – for about two years now. Every day my colleague, Denise Borer, goes on line and says something about what’s going on or she will re-tweet something interesting relating to our work. Anyway, at the end of last week she tweeted about an imminent day course on Arnold Schoenberg being run by Al Summers. Denise nearly fell off her chair when she got an e-mail from Schoenberg’s son congratulating us about running a course on his father’s music and subsequently saying that he will report the fact of the course at the Arnold Schoenberg Centre Board meeting in Vienna at the end of the month. In many ways we think that what we do is small fry but these connections make you think that this is not the case and we are just part of a larger scene of special interests. It’s interesting that this social media phenomenon doesn’t discriminate in the way people do and because of that hope springs eternal.