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Listed on February 13, 2015 in Blogs!

Wayne Bennett

As well as doing the day job, the past two weeks has been dominated by the fallout of announcing the news that I am leaving Dillington after 23 years.  There have been a few tears from colleagues whilst the most dominant reaction from clients and customers is one of shock!  Although I had decided to leave some months ago I was aware that my departure would be difficult.  There was never going to be a good time.  When you have worked somewhere for so long your DNA is all over the place and people associate the place with you.  To soften the impact I am leaving at a time when the programme is in place until the end of September.  I will have put in place the concerts programme through to May 2016 and I have agreed to nurse through the remaining talks and concerts in this current programme until the 10th May.  I will also be returning to co-direct the two weeks of the Dillington Summer School.  As you can see, it’s not as if I am disappearing never to be seen again.

Beyond Dillington I am going freelance to lead a less hectic life doing research and writing, teaching and talking (I’m particularly good at the latter) and embarking on a number of archaeological fieldwork projects with my good friend, Professor Chris Tilley of UCL.  One of our tutors mentioned that as soon as people hear you are free to do stuff, they will start to invite you to do things.  That has already happened.

I will probably do one more blog before the end of the month and then someone else can.  So until then…

Wayne Bennett