Three Weeks of Pick & Mix at Dillington!

Listed on February 7, 2014 in Member News

Out-and-about or Dillington based, create a learning holiday with a difference. Learn with like-minded people whilst having fun, relaxing and rejuvenating. There are three weeks to choose from offering a veritable pick and mix of courses, which run each week from Monday – Friday.

For Week One and Week Two there are full day courses or half day courses to choose from. All you need to do is select a course/s from the options available and, whether you are a resident or not, you attend the course for the whole week.

The Active Week consists of full day excursions every day (Mon-Fri). You can book for the whole week as a resident or come along as a day attendee and book individual excursions. Residents who do not wish to go out every day may select to attend a Spanish Cultural or Cookery course with Chris Pollard. Alternatively you may select to attend one of the Day courses on offer (subject to availability). In addition Tim Porter is offering a four day course option.

Courses & events to choose from include :

  • Houses & Gardens of Wessex
  • More Confident Painting
  • The Story of Berlin
  • Great Symphonies
  • 19th/20th Century Romantic Literature
  • Beaded Jewellery
  • The Cinema of the Great War
  • Gothic Revival
  • Five Great Artists
  • Church Tours of Wessex
  • The Joy of Spanish
  • Painting for Pleasure
  • Antiques Repair Workshop
  • The Guns of August
  • Victorian and Other Poetry
  • Backstrap Weaving
  • Five Great Victorians
  • An Introduction to Philosophy
  • Stonehenge & Avebury
  • Walking the South Dorset Ridgeway
  • Discovering the East Devon Pebblebeds
  • Old Sarum and Salisbury
  • Exploring the Isle of Portland

For more details call 01460 258613 or email