Course Talk: Finding out what “A Life at Work” really means with founder Mark Pearce

Course Talk: Finding out what “A Life at Work” really means with founder Mark Pearce

Listed on January 30, 2015 in Spotlight


Mark Pearce

Mark Pearce

Would you welcome the chance to get away from it all and spend some time contemplating your work, career and vocation in life?  Retreats and courses organised by A Life at Work can help – founder Mark Pearce explains how.

LC – What was your inspiration for launching “A Life at Work” ?

MP – I had been made redundant from my job about four years ago and I decided at the time to take some time off from work to think about what I wanted to do next. During that time I went on various courses, met with career coaches and did lots of reading. Whilst on a retreat I was reading a book by Thomas Moore called A Life at Work (hence where the company name comes from) and it gave a very different perspective to any of the other books I had read. It was about finding your calling in life and at one point in the book the author says that he wanted to be able to take people away to think deeply about their purpose in life and it was reading that whilst personally being on a retreat that the idea was born.

LC – What kind of events do you run ?

MP – We run residential weekends and evening courses for people who want to find more happiness and fulfilment at work. There are lots of retreats available but very few focus specifically on work and careers, which is such an important aspect of most people’s lives and yet can lead to so much unhappiness and dissatisfaction. The weekends we run really help people to imagine what is possible and clear any self-beliefs that are getting in the way.

LC – What kind of people typically benefit from taking part in one of your retreats?

MP – The residential weekends are for people who find themselves at a career crossroads. Maybe they have been made redundant, maybe they have been thinking of turning a hobby into a business but never quite make it happen or we have people who want to change careers, often to do something that allows them to be more creative such as writing, design and crafts.

LC – How many people usually take part ?

MP – We like to keep the groups small, the minimum is 4 and the maximum is 8

LC – What is the typical format for an event ?

MP – The retreat takes place over fours days starting late afternoon on Thursday and finishing at lunchtime on Sunday. There are a total of six workshops each building on the last. There is individual coaching and free time for walks in the countryside, reading or just relaxing.

LC – What should people prepare before joining an event ?

MP – We send attendees a pack of our Career Coaching Cards to use before coming along, and other than that we suggest that people start keeping a journal between committing to come and arriving to capture any ideas, thoughts and feelings.

LC – What kind of feedback have you had from previous participants ?

MP – “I found it thought provoking and challenging. I was able to say what I really wanted for my life, something that I haven’t done for many years. The retreat is not just about careers, it is so much more than that, I think someone who enjoys what they do would still get a lot out of attending. It is a life changing experience.” Nurse

“I thought the retreat was incredibly good, I got so much more from it than I expected to. I have been looking for a change in career, so to have a whole weekend dedicated to the subject of work has been extremely beneficial to me. It has opened up lots of options for me to explore. The facilitators held the space very well so I felt safe throughout the weekend. Overall it was an enjoyable, stimulating and affirming weekend.” Executive PA

“I have been on many courses during my Career, but never one quite like this – Perfect location, great content, and talented Coaches. I left feeling revitalised, clear headed with a real sense of direction of where to go next – If you are stuck, or happy in your current career, this course gives you the head space to make clear and concise decisions about your future both in personal and professional life – I recommend this course to anyone.” IT Consultant

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